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Gaisa vads Combidec d 127 mm

Gaisa vads Combidec d 127 mm (10m)
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COMBIDEC ducts are solid, very flexible, extremely strong laminate ducts for different ranges of application. The base of the combidec series is an aluminum/polyester laminate duct with an outer jacket of copolymer. The ducts can be attached easily to round and oval connection parts without any problems.

The fire resistancy of the COMBIDEC ducts have been tested in several countries, according to current international standards. Because of the “sandwich construction”, the different layers of polyester, aluminium and copolymer are overlapping each other completely. In case of fire, the system is able to function longer. The outer jacket is wear resistant and steam tight


temperature range: -30 °C to 140 °C
operating pressure: max. +3000 Pa
operating air velocity: max. 30 m/s
bending radius: min. 0.54 x ∅
diameter range: 102 - 508 mm
standard length: 10 mtr


number of layers: 6
whereof aluminium: 3 à 7 micron
whereof polyester: 2 à 12 micron
whereof embossing: 1 à 90 micron
total thickness: 135 micron (without adhesive)
wire spacing: 36 mm
appearance: grey
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