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Cena: 25.20EUR

Gaisa vads PVC d 152 mm, termoizturība +70°C

Gaisa vads PVC d 152 mm, termoizturība +70°C
Cena dota par Iepakojuma 15metriem

The PVC WHITE ducts are completely flexible, light weight ducts for several applications. The ducts are suitable for flexible mounting and can be mounted to round and oval connection pieces. Furthermore, this duct is capable of absorbing long-term vibrations.

PVC WHITE consists of a single layer strong POLYVINYL CHLORIDE. The wire is welded into the fabric.


to use in devices for mechanical ventilation systems
air conditioning systems
exhausting/discharging at domestic equipment like cooker hoods and tumble dryers
ventilation cabinets


temperature range: -30 °C to 70 °C
operating pressure: max. +3000 Pa
operating air velocity: max. 30 m/s
bending radius: min. 0.56 x ∅
diameter range: 82 - 203 mm
standard length: 15 mtr


number of layers: 1
whereof pvc: 1
wire spacing:  
∅ 82 mm: 25 mm
∅ 102 - 203 mm: 36 mm
appearance: white
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