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Cena: 180.90EUR

BELIMO NM24A-SR vārsta elektro piedziņa priekš 0-10V vadības sistēmas

Electrical data Nominal voltage AC 24 V, 50/60 Hz
DC 24 V
Nominal voltage range AC/DC 19.2 ... 28.8 V
Power consumption In operation
At rest
For wire sizing
2 W @ nominal torque
0.4 W
4 VA
Connection Cable 1 m, 4 x 0.75 mm2
Functional data Torque (nominal torque) Min. 10 Nm @ nominal voltage
Control Control signal Y
Working range
DC 0 ... 10 V, typical input impedance 100 kΩ
DC 2 ... 10 V
Position feedback (Measuring voltage) DC 2 ... 10 V, max. 1 mA
Position accuracy ±5%
Direction of rotation Reversible with switch 0 / 1
Direction of rotation at Y = 0 V at switch position 0 resp. 1
Manual override Gearing latch disengaged with pushbutton,
Angle of rotation Max. 95° , limited on both sides
by means of adjustable, mechanical end stops
Running time 150 s
Sound power level Max. 35 dB (A)
Position indication Mechanical, pluggable
Safety Protection class III Safety extra-low voltage
Degree of protection IP54 in any mounting position
EMC CE according to 89/336/EEC
Mode of operation Type 1 (to EN 60730-1)
Ambient temperature range –30 ... +50°C
Non-operating temperature –40 ... +80°C
Ambient humidity range 95% r.H., non-condensating (EN 60730-1)
Maintenance Maintenance-free
Dimensions / Weight Dimensions See «Dimensions» on page 2
Weight Approx. 800 g

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